Natural disasters, catastrophes, calamities. Sometimes life has a way of complicating things with emergency events entirely out of our control.

Such is the case with the latest disaster, Hurricane Ida, which came barreling to shore in Southeastern Louisiana on Sunday, August 29th, with wind speeds over 150mph. The catastrophic storm flooded homes and destroyed property, putting millions of lives at risk along the gulf coast. Exactly sixteen years ago to the day, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in the same area, killing more than 1,800 people. It tore apart the same communities being impacted today.

Here is how you can help:

The Eric De La Cruz Hope for Hearts Foundation is raising money for three families in need. Your donation will go towards helping them pay for gas, food, and shelter.


Shelley Savoie’s family of 7 evacuated safely to a Motel 6, three hundred and fifty miles away from their home in flood-ravaged Jefferson Parish. The single mother only had enough money to pay for gas and a few nights in a hotel. After tomorrow they won’t have a place to stay.


Robert Owens didn’t have enough money for gas and lodging, but after tweeting about his story, the kindness of strangers got him on the road with enough gas in his vehicle to evacuate his wife, mother-in-law, roommate, and 4 dogs. He doesn’t know how he will make ends meet when he returns home. Any donations will go towards food, gas, and shelter after the storm.


Lisa Clement left with her husband, inlaws, and four children. They are sheltering in a campground and evacuated with only $100 to their name. Right now, their immediate needs are to cover additional nights in the campground, meals, and lost wages since her husband, who is a pipefitter, will be out of work. She doesn’t know if he will have a job to return to and doesn’t know what their next steps will be.


Like millions of Americans, these families live paycheck to paycheck and one event can wreak havoc on their livelihood and wellbeing. Your support will go towards helping them get back on their feet. Any donations, regardless of size, will be appreciated.